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Download our JUCCCE Program Introduction Brochure [A4]


JUCCCE accelerates the greening of China through international collaboration on market-transforming programs. JUCCCE's fresh approach combines industry insight with unparalleled convening power across all sectors. Tap into the worldwide resources of our leadership network and make things happen.

A new energy workforce requires education at every level-awareness, skills building, and leadership development. JUCCCE serves as a bicultural and bilingual bridge, bringing China's key decision makers best-in-class products and lessons from around the world. We work with established channels to build local capabilities across the country.

Rethink energy and reshape the world.

JUCCCE Stone Soup Global Leadership Initiative

Impact: Stone Soup Leaders are convening, catalyzing, and facilitating societal change to generate solutions for global challenges. This initiative will identify and train an initial group of at least 100 Stone Soup Leaders and ensure these leaders are in roles where they can make the most difference. The broader goal is to scale this type of training around the world in different sectors.

Stage: Core competencies of Stone Soup Leaders have been defined. Initial group of Stone Soup Leaders identified and interviewed. Developing ways to share their stories and in parallel developing curriculum for a training program to be launched in 2012.

Help needed: Website design support, curriculum development, sponsorship of training sessions, sponsorship or in-kind support of video story telling (filming, editing). Contact Deb Kemper

JUCCCE Energy Blueprint Website

Impact: The JUCCCE Energy Blueprint catalyzes international and cross-sector partnerships to work on programs that can transform the industry. Using the Web to gather the collective wisdom of the masses, the Blueprint will give instant insight into each energy sector, from current policies and statistics, highest leverage areas, most promising programs, to the most influential people. Collaborative tools will bring resources more quickly to programs that need them.

Stage: In design.Administrative site available 1Q09 to contributors. Beta site available 2Q09 available to public.

Help needed: Corporate sponsors, researchers, sector-specific advisors, algorithmic design

Contact: On sponsorship and research: Peggy Liu <>
On web design: John Liu <>

JUCCCE Mayoral Training Program on Energy Smart Cities

Impact: Helps accelerate the greening of China's cities by providing turnkey solutions to Mayors to make it easier to go green. A series of courses incorporated in mandatory sessions at the National Mayoral Training Center provides top city-level local decision makers with city-level energy efficiency case studies, vendors, experts.

Stage: Curriculum in development for first course in Spring 2009

Help needed: Writing and translating case studies, corporate sponsors

Contact: On curriculum development: Steve Hammer <>
On sponsorship: Peggy Liu <>

JUCCCE China Smart Grid Cooperative

Impact: Convening international experts to help China's utilities kick-start planning for a more energy efficient electrical grid.

Stage: First group workshop held Nov 12, 2008.

Help needed: Smart grid hardware, software, services vendors and utilities experienced in Smart Grid are asked to join our Cooperative to help develop a USD35B annual power grid market into a Smart Grid market

Contact: On membership: Peggy Liu <>, US Executive Director, JUCCCE China Smart Grid Cooperative;
On China deployment: ML Chan <>, China Executive Director, JUCCCE China Smart Grid Cooperative

JUCCCE Green Lights for All Program

Impact: Distribute 10 million energy saving lamps to students, along with on-campus environmental education. An innovative end-use energy efficiency CDM program.

Stage: Finalizing financing and choosing cities.

Help needed: Hiring project managers and business development managers

Contact: O Koo <>, JUCCCE General Manager or Email us at

JUCCCE China Energy Forum

Impact: Leaders from around the world come together in Beijing to showcase and partner on innovative solutions to China's energy challenges.

Stage: Several successful events already held.

Help needed: Corporate sponsorship, partners

Contact: Peggy Liu <>

Special JUCCCE News Supplements

Impact: Energy-related editorial news supplements creates "news you can use" for hundreds of thousands of readers.

Stage: Four-page Shanghai Star supplement(7/08), two-page China Daily supplement (11/08)

Partnering with Clinton Global Initiative

Impact: Working with the CGI team to showcase JUCCCE and other China energy commitments and Chinese speakers on a world platform, to demonstrate China's progress in creating energy solutions.

Stage: Advisor in 2008 to the Energy and Climate Change track. Presentations of JUCCCE Green Lights for All commitment (Sept. 2007) and JUCCCE China Smart Grid Commitment (Sept. 2008). Speaker on "Ramping up Renewables" panel (Sept. 2008).

Contact: Peggy Liu <>

JUCCCE Green Office in a Box (Website)

Impact: A website that gives a holistic view of what a green and healthy office can look like. Links property developers and tenants with green vendors; provides a roadmap for an economically sound green office plan, at both design and retrofit stages. Including building materials, office equipment, decor, operations.

Stage: Concept in design.

Help needed: Sponsorships from Green office vendors and property managers

Contact: On content development: Geoffrey Lewis <>
On corporate sponsorship: Peggy Liu <>

Green Hero Mobile Consumer Campaign

Impact: Everyone can be a Green Hero, everyday. Engaging consumers via mobile and web to send in their Green Deeds and vote for winners.

Help needed: Looking for a consumer product company to partner with us in an integrated marketing campaign.

Contact: Alvin Wang Graylin <>

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